Building, construction and coatings

The building trades include all the trades involved in construction, renovation, rehabilitation and maintenance, whether private or public buildings. All of them may face problems of failure or premature aging . Understanding and resolving these phenomena requires studying and analyzing failures in order to set up an appropriate action plan.
You are confronted with problems of blistering on mural painting, you need to know the pictorial layer applied to allow a renovation (determination of the nature of varnishes, binders, dyes, inks…), contact POLYMEX.

With its experience in this sector, POLYMEX has developed analytical solutions adapted to the study and analytical expertise on buildings and coatings.

Etude sur défaillance de structure

You meet needs:

You are an expert in the building and construction sector, a design office specializing in building or a professional in coatings, you need the skills of an independent laboratory, reactive for carrying out analyzes according to regulatory and normative standards or for analytical expertise.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your problem.

Polymex supports you:

POLYMEX offers custom analysis, whether it is a search for PAHs in paints, a deformulation on an antifouling or a study to understand the premature aging of a facade, we will assist you in resolving your expertise.

Polymex is an independent laboratory specialized in providing services on the Study and Expertise of materials and polymers.
With 20 years of experience in the analysis, qualification and deformulation of matrices and polymer systems.

We will assist you in solving your problem.

Peinture - déformulation

Examples from the field of building, construction and coating:

The Polymex laboratory team is able to analyze and identify the reasons for defects in your leveling compounds. Whether it is cracks or..
Leveling compound pollution

Leveling compound pollution

When renovating a paint coating, it is important to take into account the nature of the previous layers to ensure durability of the new..
Renovation of the coating of a metal structure

Renovation of the coating of a metal structure

Respecting the base and hardener stoichiometry is essential for the good performance of the material. Indeed, the adhesion properties of..
Stochiometry failure on two-component epoxy

Stochiometry failure on two-component epoxy

Determination of Formaldehyde [50-00-0] in Formo-phenolic resins by UPLC / UV
Determination of Formaldehyde

Determination of Formaldehyde