Cosmetics and hygiene products

Cosmetics and hygiene products are generally of a complicated physical and chemical nature in order to meet ever higher requirements and criteria of efficiency and stability.

This complicated physical-chemistry  can be a potential risk to the health of consumers, which is why as a professional in the sector you must ensure the safety of your products and those you use.
As the cosmetics industry is constantly evolving, it is important to innovate, which could confront you with problems of failure.

If you are looking for an independent and reactive analysis laboratory, contact the POLYMEX laboratory.
Cosmétiques et produit d'hygiène

You meet needs:

You are a producer of cosmetic products, a subcontractor or a manufacturer of raw materials for the cosmetics industry, you need the skills of a laboratory for analytical services.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs and your problem, we will find a solution adapted to your needs.

Polymex supports you:

Analyse cosmétiques
POLYMEX offers you to analyze your cosmetics or raw materials, whether it is a verification of conformity on a raw material, deformulation on a reference product or even quantification on a finished product, we will accompany you in the resolution of your problem.

Polymex is an independent laboratory specializing in providing services on the Study and Expertise of materials and polymers ...
With a know-how of 25 years of experience in the analysis, qualification and deformulation of matrices and polymer systems, POLYMEX offers you the following services:

Isothiazolinones: Identification and dosage

Identification and dosage of biocides (BIT, MIT, OIT, MCI, BBIT)

Acrylamide: dosage and identification

Identification and determination of acrylamide

Detection of SLS in a sulfate free product

Sulfate free - What if we checked?