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The plastics industry , literally designating the work of plastic, constitutes the set of techniques used in the transformation of plastics until the finished product is obtained. Whether it is bottles, packaging, toys, pots, paints or even medical devices, plastic materials have invaded our lives.

Indeed, polymers (more commonly called Plastics) constitute our daily life. They are found in many industries such as the automobile, aeronautics, IT, sport, leisure, medical, construction, electronics ... Thanks to their performance, plastics contribute every day to improving our quality of life. Since 1870 when the first plastic material was created from camphor and cellulose: cellulose nitrate also called celluloid, plastics have declined to meet ever higher requirements in terms of physical properties, mechanical properties, properties chemical

The analysis of plastics is an essential step to master the transformation of polymers and limit the appearance of unwanted phenomena (failure, pollution, degradation, coloring, etc.).

You meet needs:

You are a plastics manufacturer, producer of plastics or additives (masterbatch), transformer, user of plastics (plastic end user) and you need the skills of a laboratory to analyze your materials and polymers.
Do not hesitate to tell us about your problem, whether it be quality control analyzes, support for fault resolution or any other problem.

Polymex supports you:

POLYMEX offers you to analyze your materials and polymers, whether it is:

  • Deformulation on a reference product
  • Verification of conformity on a raw material
  • Quantification by admixture on a finished material
  • ...

We will assist you in solving your problem.

POLYMEX offers you to analyze your materials and polymers

Other examples from industry

Structural identification on an unknown polymer

Determination of the nature of the polymer by Pyrolysis/GCMS

Determination of volatile organic compounds in a polymer film

Determination of VOCs in polymeric films by GCMS