Swimming pools and coatings

Swimming pools of any kind require a special coating. There are several in different materials:
- The liner, a flexible and resistant PVC pocket
- Tile or mosaic coating
-    The painting
- Polyester hulls
Ultimately, poor aging of these materials can be observed and it can be due to various factors.
In the case of polyester shell pools, the faults frequently listed are the appearance of spots or blisters linked to osmosis, micro-bubbling phenomena, inclusion or mineral deposit in the pool.
For swimming pools equipped with tiled or mosaic coverings, the most common problem is linked to the peeling of the tiles, often the cause of the use of the wrong glue or a bad seal.

It is therefore important to check the safety of your products to avoid the appearance of defects over time and wear.
Piscine et revêtements
Osmosis can be linked to various factors, mainly the quality of manufacture of the pool shell (thickness and quality of the gelcoat, quality of the polyester resin of the laminate, working conditions in the workshop, drying, etc.), but also an expiry date not respected or poor storage conditions.
The analyzes recommended by Polymex for this type of defect on a pool are among others:
• Control of the thickness of the gelcoat by MEB / EDX;
• Control of the nature of the polyester resin used (Ortho, Iso, IsoNPG, Vinyl…) by Pyrolysis / GCMS.
• Verification of the presence of Formate / Acetate resulting from the hydrolysis of the polyester by ion chromatography (IC).
• Determination of the fiberglass and polyester resin content in the laminate by calcination in a muffle furnace at 750 ° C in air and gravimetry.

You meet needs:

You are a pool builder or a coating producer and you notice the appearance of stains, blisters or any other abnormality on your coating and you need the skills of a laboratory for the analytical service.
Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs and your problem, we will find a solution adapted to your request.

Polymex supports you:

POLYMEX offers you to analyze your liners, tile adhesive, swimming pool shell or paint, whether it is a verification of conformity on a raw material, deformulation on a reference product or even quantification on a finished product, we will assist you in solving your problem.
Polymex is an independent laboratory specializing in the provision of services on the Study and Expertise of materials and polymers ...
With a know-how of 25 years of experience in the analysis, qualification and deformulation of matrices and polymer systems, POLYMEX offers you the following services:
Analyse piscine et revêtements
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