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Behind the word "Expertise" can be found different trades.
Indeed, Expert: nm Person chosen for his proven knowledge and responsible for carrying out examinations, findings or assessments of fact (expertise) , can refer to a legal expert but also to an expert in a specific field such as building , environment or chemistry. Whatever the case, the expert is able to assess the elements forming part of his field of expertise and to produce expert opinions only with tangible and impartial elements .

The expert, whatever his field of application, will therefore have to rely on the results of an independent laboratory. Whether it is an expertise on a material, a search for specific substance (s) in a container, or an investigation of a fault problem, POLYMEX will help you in carrying out your expertise.

You meet needs:

You are a legal expert, judge, magistrate, investigator or even an expert with a design and engineering office, you need the skills of an independent and responsive laboratory for carrying out analyzes according to regulatory and normative standards or for analytical expertise.

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Expertise chimique

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POLYMEX offers custom analysis, whether it involves:

We will assist you in resolving your expertise, whatever your sector.

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