Failure of materials

The failure lies in the fact that a mechanism, an apparatus, a device or even a material suddenly stops working properly. This results in deterioration of the product, deterioration of its reliability, its solidity and above all its performance.

POLYMEX intervenes within the framework of expertise of materials, by carrying out a failure analysis making it possible to understand the event or the history which led to the failure.

Failure of materials
You have in front of you an Epoxy resin type garage floor which has large cracks, it is possible that the crack occurs following non-compliance with the stoichiometry of the Base/Hardener reagent . A quantification by Py/GCMS will make it possible to answer this problem.

A large area of tiles peeling off in your swimming pool ? Analyzes by Py/GCMS would make it possible to highlight the molecules at the origin of non-adherence (surfactants, fatty acid ester, etc.).

Your injected polyamide part, initially white, has a black inclusion on the surface. An analysis by Scanning Electron Microscope with energy dispersive spectrometric detector, better known as SEM/EDX , will shed light on the metallic nature of the pollution .

You encounter problematic failures:

It does not matter the process which led to the identification of the failure (internal manufacturing problem, customer feedback, product failure ...) . You are faced with a deterioration in the quality of your product, you must solve the problem by answering "what is the nature of the failure?" and "what is the cause?".

Polymex supports you:

▪ Analysis and expertise of failures on materials: phenomena of degradation, wear and premature ageing, cracks, ruptures, etc.
▪ Study and expertise of polymerization defect and crosslinking of polymers…
▪ Problems with color change, yellowing , etc.
▪ Characterization of surface defects: adhesion problems, separation , identification of residual pollution, etc.
▪ Study of morphological failures: porosity, roughness, fracture facies, etc

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