Identification of unknown compounds by UPLC / TOF-MS

The UPLC/TOF-MS device allows the identification and dosing of a wide range of semi-volatile and organic compounds thanks to its analytical qualities:

  • Two ionization modules: ESI and APCI,
  • Exact 4-digit mass measurement after the decimal point,
  • Wide range of mass up to 16000 m/z.

Applicable for example, to the identification of an unknown compound following the appearance of spots on a PC plate, but also to the determination of the ethoxylated section composing a surfactant.
TOF-MS detection, thanks to its precision and the relevance of its proposals, allows the resolution of complex identification issues.

L’appareil UPLC/TOF-MS permet l’identification et le dosage d’une large gamme de composés semi volatils et organiques


Protocole d'identification