Identification and determination of isocyanates by UPLC/TOF-MS

Isocyanates are very reactive chemicals, extremely volatile and toxic in gaseous or liquid state.

They are present in various sectors : Paper, Textile, Paint, Cosmetics, Insulation and in particular in polyurethane foams.

A simple technique to quantify them is to derivatize them with MOPIP to inhibit their reactivity and thus analyze them by UPLC / TOF-MS.

Dosage isocyanates

Example of isocyanates detected:

  • MDI = diphenylmethylene diisocyanate [101-68-8]
  • TDI = toluene diisocyanate [584-84-9]
  • HDI = hexamethylene diisocyanate [822-06-0]
  • IPDI = isophorone diisocyanate [4098-71-9]