Formulation of an ecological binder for the design of a beach game

 This R&D project enabled the formulation of an ecological binder aimed at creating a beach game for children .
The role of the binder is to consolidate the construction of solid “sand bricks” made with beach sand in order to allow semi-ephemeral constructions.

An extract from the specifications is listed below:

  • The binder and its packaging must be 100% biodegradable and water-soluble .
  • The binder must meet the standards in force to be ecological and toxicologically safe.
  • The setting of the binder should be quick to allow the brick to solidify in less than 5 minutes.
  • The final manufacturing cost will be included in a price range defined by the customer.

After 3 months of work in collaboration with our client, the binder was able to go into the production phase for placing on the market in the coming days.

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